Loving your Postpartum Body

Most mothers take a while to come to terms with their postpartum body. Boutique Shows is super excited to feature the below blog from This Joyful Life about loving your postpartum body.pregnancy, baby, show, uk

I knew I was going to blog about this one day….so here it is! Postpartum Body. It took me a little bit of time to come to terms with my new body. During my pregnancy, I had ZERO stretch marks. I was convinced that the many stretch mark creams I purchased along with my homemade ones were doing the trick. Four weeks before I delivered, someone told me that they didn’t have stretch marks until they delivered. I had never even heard of that!? When she told me that I literally said out loud “great….that’s going to be me”. Sure enough, it was me.

Here we are, almost 11 months later and I have finally come to terms with my body. My body was Laila’s home for 9 months. It really is incredible! I still can’t believe it was able to do what it had to do for her.

As a mom to a girl, I believe it is so important to show positive examples of self-image. I want her to see the beauty in herself no matter what. I want her to feel beautiful and to see beauty in all body types!

During my pregnancy, I gained a lot of weight. I still haven’t bee able to lose it all, I still have a lot of stretch marks, and had no pre-pregnancy clothes fit, but that is completely fine!!

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Having these marks is just an outward example of my favorite role in the whole entire world. Being a mom!! Sure many women are able to bounce back and have zero stretch marks, but that just isn’t my body.




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