Find out all about Boutique Baby & Toddler Shows, and the two reasons why they were set up. 

For myself as a new mum, in 2014, I was given little information after having my daughter about was available to do with her in the local area, and needed to do a lot of research on the internet of what was out there for me to do with my daughter as in activities/classes. By creating a unique Baby & Toddler Shows aimed at promoting local and small businesses. Boutique Shows is able to provide parents with the availability of classes in the local area, in order to prevent mums for feeling isolated when their partners go back to work and to provide them with a social setting where they can meet other mums. 

The second reason is that as a small business it can be really tough to get yourself out there to your market, in order to promote yourself, and having considered other Baby & Toddler Shows as a stall holder, the amount required to exhibit at these big events is so vast, it becomes unaffordable. So one night in figuring out, how on earth I would get my little business out to the Mums of Leeds and Yorkshire and with a background of training and event planning, I decided that I would set up my own little Baby & Toddler Show, and as they say, the rest is history! 

I chose to raise money for both Bliss and Sands at each event for a very personal reason. Those who know me, know that I had a struggle getting my little girl, as my partner and I previously lost a little boy at 24 weeks pregnant and it really could have gone either way, so in my eyes, both charities are worth supporting, with a little more about the charities below. 

Bliss is a charity who work to provide the best possible care and support for all premature and sick babies and their families, whilst Sands is a charity who provides support for bereaved parents and their families. 

So thank you for taking your time to read this, and I really do hope to see you at one of my Baby & Toddler Shows in the near future, if you want to contact me over anything, please pop me an email. x