Nighttime Fear

blue star plush turtle night light

Boutique Shows is excited to present our guest blog from Lisa at The Toy Hunter. In this post, Lisa talks about the nights creeping in, leading children to fear the darkness. I know this is a problem as my little girl (who is only 3 soon) has just started to fear monsters! Lisa discusses ideas that we as parents can use to help our precious little ones overcome that fear. 

It’s that time of year again when the nights are drawing in and everything seems dark, quiet and cozy as we get the kids ready for bed. For some children, the darkness can be something to fear, and we’ve all gone through those stages where our kids won’t go to sleep because of that fear. If you’re in that stage now, it WILL pass, so don’t worry! And to be clear you are not alone. Many children have a fear of the dark at some stage of their childhood, and it’s how we deal with this fear that’s most important.

I believe that the main reason children fear the dark at this time of year, is that during the lighter summer months, many of them will have been going to bed when it was still daylight outside, so there was no darkness to be afraid of. But now that summer has ended, many of us now hear the phrase from our children, ‘I’m scared of the dark’

My children have all gone through the fear of the dark stage and there are plenty of ways in which you can help them. Just even the simple things, such as leaving the landing light on, and leaving the bedroom door open a jar can all help.

But my favourite way to help children overcome their fear of the dark is through the wonderful story ‘Can’t You Sleep Little Bear’ by Martin Waddell . During my teaching days, I would often read this story to the children in my class to help them overcome this fear.

 If you don’t know the story, the synopsis is that Big Bear sets out with all his nighttime fear cant you sleep little bear bookpatience and understanding to show Little Bear that the dark is nothing to be afraid of. When all the lanterns in the cave aren’t enough to quell Little Bear’s troubled emotions, Big Bear offers–in a final loving gesture–nothing less than the bright yellow moon and the twinkling stars!

This story became one of those classic bedtime favourites with my own children, especially when they went through the fear of the dark stage. As we snuggled together to read the story, the kids seemed to relax and they became very settled at bedtime.

We also used nightlights to help conquer their fear of the dark. Unlike Big Bear in the story, I couldn’t promise to bring the yellow moon and twinkling stars to them, but the Cloud B nightlights came very close!

blue star plush turtle night light nighttime fearThese nightlights create a magical starry nighttime sky which is projected onto the ceiling of the bedroom. This instantly transforms the room from a dark scary place into a wonderful and peaceful room. These nightlights cleverly use soft lighting to give a soothing glow to their night-time images and all lights also have a 45-minute timer so that they automatically switch off after your child has fallen asleep, which then means that they can enjoy a good quality sleep in darkness, as recommended by paediatricians.

As my children became older, they wanted a little more control over their night time lighting, so the Aloka Sleepy Lights seemed like a great option. Being LED meant they were safe for my kids to touch and energy efficient too.nighttime fear led rocket light

These sleepy lights can be turned up for bedtime reading and turned down for drifting into sleep and there’s a choice of colours too, to give that added control and individuality to the light. It comes with a handy remote and my favourite thing is the sleep function that allows the light to get dimmer over time. The timer function means the light will turn off automatically after an hour, and so these also come highly recommended by paediatricians.

I know that bedtime is different in every house, but a stable, comforting routine will most definitely help any child feel secure. A good book, a good night light, and a reassuring cuddle can be just what your child needs to feel ready to drift into a sound sleep without fearing the dark or feeling nervous.

All that remains for me to do now is to wish you all “Sweet dreams.”

nighttime fear butterfly led lightI’m Lisa, mum of three, an ex-primary school teacher, turned toy hunter. My blog follows my journey to find quality and unique toys, gifts, crafts and activities that will educate and delight children. I am also a firm believer in learning through play.


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Paediatric First Aid Classes for Parents & Carers – Why Choose Daisy First Aid?

Boutique Shows is excited to present our guest blog from Jill at Daisy First Aid, on her background, becoming an parent and why she is so passionate about Daisy First Aid.

‘With great power comes great responsibility!’ – Benjamin ‘Uncle Ben’ Parker.

Becoming parents is undoubtedly one of the greatest responsibilities in life! From the moment we begin to prepare for our little one’s journey into our family the scale of this huge responsibility begins to dawn on us. We know it will be hard work at times, but we know it will be worth it. We know it is going to be a challenge, but we are willing to accept that challenge! We want to be the best parents we can be and we want the best for our children! We are their decision makers, their voices, their protectors. We are their superheroes!

My daughter Olive was born in 2011 and that instant responsibility of a newborn baby was, at times, overwhelming. Google searches for tips and advice between nappies and feedings was standard, often at 4am. I read up on every stage of her development and booked onto any baby sensory, massage, music and yoga course I could. I found myself ordering every possible teething remedy I could find during desperate online shopping sprees and took her to be weighed every week without fail. I strived to educate myself on every aspect of my new role and responsibility as ‘mama’. One thing I didn’t do however, was a baby first aid class. Not because I was ignorantly unaware of its importance, quite the opposite in fact. I was on maternity leave from my role as a call handler for the North East Ambulance Service where providing emergency first aid instruction was part of everyday life and I  took this knowledge for granted knowing that if I was to ever encounter an emergency situation with my baby, I’d know exactly how respond.

Returning to work was different after having Olive. I still loved my job and the opportunity to help others but I found it increasingly difficult to switch off after a twelve hour shift. My new perspective as a mother had made responding to calls regarding babies and children even more distressing. Though remaining composed and professional throughout, inside, my heart would be breaking, just wishing I could do more, wishing I could be there in person, showing these desperate parents what to do, but instead I was restricted to the end of the phone.  I lived through many parents’ worst nightmares, I filled in the gap between the panic of calling 999 and the paramedic crew arriving with their equipment and expertise. I know first hand, the accidents and medical emergencies we can encounter with our little ones and I also know that people can struggle to follow important, life saving instructions during moments of extreme stress and panic especially when it involves members of their family.

While pregnant with my youngest, I made the decision to retrain as a first aid instructor, specialising in paediatrics. Although I am qualified to teach many levels of first aid, the parent and carer classes are where my heart lies. I’m now one of those annoying people who genuinely loves their job, except teaching first aid is not a job for me, it’s my passion!  It perfectly encompasses every aspect of my personality, character and life experience both professionally and as a parent. Knowing first aid won’t stop accidents and illnesses occurring but it will give you the skills and reassurance to react effectively to any medical emergency you may experience.

I no longer take my first aid knowledge for granted, it is a privilege I am grateful for. But it shouldn’t be a privilege, it should be the norm. It should be the norm for every parent, grandparent and child carer of every description to have the knowledge and confidence to recognise and effectively respond to any accident or illness they may encounter with their little ones. And on that note, enter, Daisy First Aid – Award Winning Paediatric First Aid Classes for Parents and Carers.

Daisy First Aid Classes for Parents and Carers are becoming hugely popular amongst the expectant parent community and working in partnership with local baby and toddler groups as well as big names including Mothercare and selected NCT groups. And for good reason!

The 2 hour class can be held in your own home or venue at a time that suits you, daytime, evening or weekends and covers responding to a medical emergency, CPR, recovery positions, head injuries, febrile seizures, choking, allergic reactions, meningitis, fractures, poisons, burns and bleeding. If you’d rather, you can join us at one of our regular venue classes.

Daisy First Aid pride ourselves on being passionate, experienced and approachable. Our classes aim to eliminate the fear factor surrounding sensitive subjects like choking and meningitis and instead, leave parents feeling confident, reassured and empowered. There’s no jargon or horror stories, that’s not our style. Our classes are relaxed, informative and memorable with chances to practise your new skills and ask any questions!

Daisy First Aid classes are not like other first aid classes and that’s clear from our five star customer reviews, if you’d like to find out for yourself what makes us so special you can follow Daisy First Aid Newcastle & South Northumberland on FacebookTwitter and Instagram! Or drop me a message to

Thank you for reading!

Jill Santonastaso
Owner, Manager and Paediatric First Aid Instructor
Daisy First Aid Newcastle & South Northumberland

Daisy First Aid Ltd are a registered provider who ensure all their trainers have up to date information, are quality assured and fully insured. You can be confident the information and guidance given to course participants is accurate and relevant. The trainers and course content have gone through our Qualsafe approved Daisy First Aid Training Centre and approval process to ensure standards and classes fully comply with the high standard set by Resuscitation Council UK, HSE and leading first aid societies St John’s Ambulance, Red Cross and St Andrews First Aid