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Hello, everyone!  I’m Sara and thank you for visiting my page!

My blog helps moms juggle all of the day to day tasks they face with ease.

My husband and I work full time in order to provide for our little one, so we have a small window each day to get things done around the house in order to spend time with her.  I have streamlined that process for our family and want to share my tips and tricks with you!

If you are familiar with the tv show, FRIENDS, I am a Monica in real life.  I enjoy things squeaky clean (not just health department clean, Monica clean!), I am an organization fiend, I enjoy researching things until I am an expert, I am a constant whirlwind of stress and I have been waiting my whole life to be the 50s housewife and mother that you see in the movies.

I met my husband while we were working together in the entertainment department at Disneyland.  When we wanted to settle down and start a family, we knew we wouldn’t be able to afford it in southern California, so we packed our bags and drove out to a small town in West Texas.

He proposed while we were taking our bows as Tony and Maria in a production of West Side Story, we were married 11 months later and 9 months after that, we welcomed our incredible baby girl into the world.

I had a rough pregnancy with both Gestational Diabetes and Intrauterine Growth Restriction.  After months of weekly (sometimes bi-weekly) appointments, 2 high risk doctors and constant sonograms, we welcomed a perfectly healthy, very teeny baby girl into this world and have been overjoyed with life ever since!

I can’t wait to tackle this parenting life with all of you!