3 Reasons You Need a Birth Plan


Boutique Shows is super excited to introduce to you Erin from The Birth Side, talking about why you need a Birth Plan. 

If you’re pregnant right now you may have a mile long to-do list in your mind, on paper, or on your phone, or all 3.  Sometimes it feels like you’re never going to get everything done before the little one(s) arrive. To make it even more difficult, not only does your growing tummy limit your capability but baby brain is real! I remember going to put random things in the refrigerator multiple times that did not need refrigerated. It feels like the bigger your stomach gets, the less your brain works. Not only do I think preparing yourself for what to expect during labor is super important but talking it through with someone like a childbirth planner or doula can really help your birthing experience. Here are some benefits to making a birth plan. 

   1. A birth plan encourages education 

You may not realize how many options there are for labor but it really is something you’re in control of. A lot of birth plans can be things you don’t want, like not wanting your water broken. Did you decide that because having the membrane ruptured can cause stress on the baby? It helps to know why you’re choosing or not choosing certain options. Most birth doulas encourage their clients to attend childbirth education classes that are either offered through hospitals or local organizations. I’ve been watching one on YouTube that’s been very informative.

In educating yourself and making this outline, it opens up your mind for “plan B’s” as well so that if something goes a different route, it’s not a total shock. You can say, “Oh, we’ve actually planned in case this happens, so no big deal” and you’re able to roll with the punches.

   2. Having a birth plan is helpful to the staff 

Whether you’re having your child at home, a birthing center, or a hospital, the staff will appreciate that you’ve taken the time to decide how you’re hoping it will go. The nurses and doctors understand that it should be a positive experience and will try their best to stick to your birth plan. The nurse I had when I labored my daughter was amazing and totally understanding. When I was being taken to a postpartum recovery room I wanted to be like, “wait, will you be my new friend?!” because she was so great. Think of it as being their customer that they want to leave happy and hopefully return with your next child. 

   3. They make room for postpartum plans 

I shared on my post about if we planned for our births like we did for our weddings something one of my friends said recently, that we are sent home with more paperwork on a new car than we are for a child. And if you think baby brain during pregnancy is bad, it’s just as intense with a newborn but throwing in sleep deprivation to the mix. It’s important to put thought into what kind of visitors you want, how you want your breastfeeding experience to go, and how much physical activity you want to endure during this time of recovery. Most birth doulas include postpartum visits with their packages but there are also postpartum doulas who devote their craft to specifically catering to new moms, which GREATLY decreases the chances of postpartum depression. 

I have added to my shop tab (here) options for expecting moms to chat with me while I help them write their birth & postpartum plans to check that off of the mile long to do list while using the doula training I’ve gone through to pay close attention to detail. P.S. I’m a very organized person, which helps too 😉 

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