Minimalism and Toddlers

I think part of the joy, is you tend to lose your space. I think in my household we reached a point of a walk way through the lounge with our toddler toys! In fact most household with toddlers in will have this problem. Today’s Guest Blog is from Brittany, from Lessons with Liggins

Minimalism and Toddlers

Whose toddler has too many toys? This girls!

We have family members whose love language is gifts. They love to give! Which is awesome, but I found Patrick’s playroom to get completely unorganized and then he wouldn’t play with things because it was so overwhelming to him. I recently started learning about minimalism through Joshua Becker’s website In his book The More of Less: Finding the Life You Want under everything you own Josh talks about things you can do to de-clutter your home.

We decided to start applying some of this information to our home and it is truly making a difference.

This was Patrick’s playroom before picture:

There are so many toys underneath you can’t even see them!

After de-cluttering/organizing and getting rid of things he rarely plays with, we now have a playroom that looks like this:


We ordered the cars toy organizer to keep all of Patrick’s toys tidy and in bins.  I didn’t want one that had cloth bins as I felt they would not be sturdy enough for a 3 year old little boy.  This one had hard plastics bins that are going to hopefully stand the test of toddler time.  Here is the link where you can check them out: referral link Cars toy organizer.

The cool racetracks on the wall Patrick discovered from The Axel and Daddy Show and we decided that he needed them Lol.  You can get them here.  They are super fun.

We just started applying these principles in our home and can’t wait to move on to other rooms.  It is super refreshing walking into a clean playroom.  Stay tuned for other areas and ways we are working towards minimalism.  What have you done in your home to become more of a minimalist?


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