Winter Parenting Hacks

Winter Parenting Hacks snow snowman trees winter fun

With winter on the way, let’s make our lives a little easier and winter fun with some Winter Parenting Hacks that we have found across the web.

– Cut adult socks to make leg and arm warmers for babies and toddlers. Put a pair on arms to avoid expose wrists in the snow. You can also slip the arm-warmers on the outside of a coat sleeve to make a washable nose wiper your kid will actually use.

-To give jogging strollers and bikes more traction on slippery winter sidewalks, secure plastic zip ties every few inches around spoked tires.

– Any clothing thicker than a sweatshirt or sweater can decrease the effectiveness of a car seat harness. To keep your kid cozy while on the road, remove their coat, strap them into their seat correctly, then put the coat on backward, so it covers their arms and drapes over their chest and lap. Use a blanket for extra warmth if needed.

– Snow art – Pick up a few cheap spray bottles. Put some water and a few drops of food colouring in each. Let your children go to town decorating snow banks. (To protect their mitts from the colour and getting wet, slip a thin plastic bag over their gloved hand first).

– Tossing wet shoes in the dryer isn’t great for either the shoes or the dryer, so use newspaper to quickly and gently dry them instead. Stuff balled-up pages inside and then wrap flat sheets around the outside and secure with rubber bands. Change the newspaper every hour or so.

– To keep socks and feet dry in wet weather, have kids wear plastic bags as a thin extra layer between their socks and their shoes or boots.

– Winter sniffles? As soon as I feel a cold coming on in our household, I get the olbas oil out, a few drops onto a flannel and straight on the radiator, and in the car whenever we go… touch wood we have never had a serious cold yet! 

What are your Winter Parenting Hacks?

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