Tranquility by Hehe

Likeshehe doula

Learning new things, a good book, a good steak, and a good glass of red wine


Rude people and cold weather


Reading, pampering herself, holistic herbalism

Favourite Holiday

Thailand! The people are genuinely kind and they care about one another and the earth in such a deeply rooted manner. The beaches were heavenly and the food was to die for! 

HeHe is the founder of Tranquility by HeHe, a concierge birthing and doula service in the Boston area. She aspires to bring a spa-like environment to your birth experience. Tranquility by HeHe is an exclusive experience for expectant parents who believe they can have a beautiful birth and are looking for compassionate, encouraging, and unbiased support. Research shows that moms who are relaxed, confident, and have participated in self-care routines throughout pregnancy have shorter labors, gentler births, and are more likely to have natural, unmedicated deliveries. As a doula, HeHe views her role as the guardian of the energy of your birth experience. She wants you to be informed, in control and supported. Self-care, relaxation, pampering, confidence in your body and trusting the process are recurring themes of the care provided by Tranquility by HeHe. There is no right or wrong; there is only what’s right for you and HeHe is here to help you explore, discover, and advocate your wants and needs to have the birth experience you’ve always wanted. Reproductive justice and positive parenting communities are two platforms that HeHe believes in fully. She serves as an expert resource on child development, birth through the first three years of life. She is a Birth Doula, Certified Family Life Educator and Director of a Newborn and Infant Program in Boston, Massachusetts.


Your Due Date is Really a Guess Date explains how modern western medicine doesn’t leave any room for babies to be born past their expected due date that is actually based on multiple guesses. We discuss the dyadic relationship between the birthing parents body and the baby as well as share one mother’s story of trusting her body past 40-weeks gestation. 


8 Thing You Wish You Had Known About the Fourth Trimester discusses common challenges new parents face in the first three months of their child’s life. Bringing home a baby is a transitional time full of learning. These helpful tips may help make for a smoother transition into the fourth trimester.